Shipping Details

1. Processing Time- 24 hours after your order is placed our team will start packaging your items and add any additional details you wanted on the jersey such as patches and names. Next, your order is sent to the post office they generally take 4-7 days to process the Items and send it off to the destination country. It typically takes 1-2 days for the package to arrive in your country.


2. Once Items arrive in the destination country the National post company for example in America the USPS will take the items into customs, this process takes about 1-3 days. 

3. Once the package has gone through Customs the item is sent to your local post office, this process takes about 1-3 days. Afterward, the local post office will deliver the items to you.


4. Orders to the United States generally take 10-17 days. Orders to Europe and Australia take 10-20 days. Rest of the world 13-22 days.


5. If you would like your order to arrive faster you can select a DHL option 2-9 days for $29.99 USD extra. 



* Shipping times can be delayed due customs and processing which are out of our control. We try our best and send items as fast as possible.